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Premium Museum Quality Orrery

Premium Museum Quality Orrery

A premium museum quality custom Grand Orrery

Large gallery size Grand Orrery made to order.
We offer this superb example of fine craftsmanship and clockwork engineering:
-- The Premium Grand Orrery spans nearly 2 feet -- 23 inches--edge-to-edge across the solid brass calendar ring. It is the largest and most elegant Grand Orrery for sale in the world today.
-- This orrery comes with 2 (two) beautiful planet sets: one set of hematite planets and brass Sun; and one set of semi-precious stones with an orange calcite Sun. -- 36 individual moons adorn each of the two planet sets.
-- The brass calendar ring is beautifully engraved with classical zodiacal gradations, month-and-day demarcations, and by 360 degrees of circumference markings.
-- Atop the calendar ring rests a beautiful solid brass half armillary sphere (discreetly pinned in place upon assembly) demonstrating the axial tilt of the Earth with respect to Polaris and the fixed stars. The encircling round rings represent latitudinal parallels, the Arctic Circle, Tropic of Cancer and the Equator.
-- The 12 sided hardwood orrery base is beautiful, hand-oiled black walnut. Each of the 12 faces holds an oval panel embedded with the engraved zodiac sign represented in the constellations on the calendar ring. The oval panels are inset anodized solid brass.
-- Solid brass ball feet on the underside form the foundational bottom of the unit. The balls are padded in felt to protect the surface of a table-top.
-- The mechanical clockwork apparatus of the solar system orrery is entirely brass: All gears and telescoping tubes, as well as. brass planetary arms and collars.
--When assembled and operating the clockwork depicts correct relative orbital movement of the nine (yes, nine) planets and correctly demonstrates the orbit of the Moon around the Earth as the Earth orbits the Sun. The premium grand orrery is battery powered and the battery compartment is hidden beneath the mechanism. A discreet brass switch turns their operation on and off.
-- The interior of the Grand Orrery is graced by a beautiful printed constellation star map platen, the artwork of John Flamsteed (first Astronomer Royal appointed by King Charles II in 1675).
-- The semi-precious stones representing the planets are as follows:

• Mercury: Pyrite in Lapis
• Venus: Yellow Tiger-eye
• Earth: Sodalite
• Mars: Red Jasper
• Jupiter: Banded Agate
• Saturn: Yellow Tiger-eye
• Uranus: Aventurine
• Neptune: Turquoise
• Pluto: Picture Jasper

The moons are various 2-3mm stones, Mother-of-Pearl, Blue Lace Agate, Picture Jasper, and Howlite.

-- The Premium Grand Orrery dimensions are: 30 inches high, 23 inches x 23 inches across
-- This orrery comes with an Owner's manual detailing the easy assembly -- which takes about 20 minutes. -- Also included are rechargeable batteries and battery charger.
-- Shipping is free to all contiguous United States; shipping internationally is $300 additional.

>>>NOTE: All duty/import charges levied by the receiving country are the responsibility of the purchaser.<<<

As mentioned, we are fine orrery makers for 28 years and have made and sold many thousands of orreries. We make these instruments in our workshop in beautiful Boulder Colorado USA. Workshop visits can be pre-arranged with a 2 week notice.

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Customer choice of hardwoods and planet styles.

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30" high 23" wide

Care Instructions

Brass and hardwood require only minor dusting with no hard abrasives. Brass will naturally tarnish. If you wish to maintain a bright brass look, use 000 steel wool to polish the armillary sphere, calendar ring and planet arms.

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