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  • Over 30 years of craftsmanship

    • Science Art meticulously creates our one of a kind orrery designs--mechanical models of the solar system.
    • At the heart of our orrery models lies a powerful solid brass clockwork mechanism, calibrated to orchestrate the orbits of the planets in correct relative motion- in faithful ratio of each planet's orbit to one another.
    • The nine planets gracefully orbit an orange calcite sphere or solid brass Sun.   
    • Each orrery is designed with natural materials such as semi-precious stone, brass, and hardwood -- reflecting both the wonder our solar system and the beauty of our earth in an exquisite union of art and science.
    • Each orrery is made to order from raw materials. Heritage craftsmanship, artistic design, engineering precision and natural materials insures each orrery is one of kind. 
    • All orrery models are proudly crafted in our workshop in Boulder, Colorado USA.
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