The Wanderers Orrery

Across the night sky the ancient Greeks noticed that certain stars meandered within the sphere of the 'fixed stars'--they named these meandering stars πλανήτης "planétés": A wanderer.

Our Wanderers Orrery presents a stunning union of art and science. This exceptional orrery is Science Art's original design, created 30 years ago with many new improvements and enhancements over the years

  • Brass & Hematite Planet set


    The standard presentation used in classical orreries, with a solid brass sphere to represent the Sun. An elegant, minimalist presentation, with the Wanderers mechanism exposed under a glass dome upon a 12-sided wooden base.

  • Semi-precious Stone Planet Set


    Hand-picked semi-precious stones to represent the variety present in our solar system:

  • close up of orrery with semi-precious stones Earth Mars

    Wanderers Orrery with major moons


    Our Wanderers Orrery with the addition of the 28 major moons of the solar system.

    Luna - mother of pearl

    other moons - agate

  • Wanderers Deluxe

    with a compound Earth/Moon system $1,995.00

    Our Wanderers Deluxe includes the addition of the 28 major moons of the solar system, as well as a Earth Moon geared mechanism depicting the compound motion of the 28 day orbit of Earth's moon as as the Earth orbits the Sun.

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  • solar system model of orrery in natural oak base

    Natural Oak, hand-oiled

    Natural Oak with Danish oil finish

  • Solid Red Mahogany, hand oiled

    Solid Red Mahogany with light stain

  • orrery with solid walnut hardwood base

    Solid Black Walnut, hand oiled

    Solid black walnut with Tung oil finish

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Wanderers Orrery

Wanderers Orrery

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Features of the Wanderers Orrery

Correct Relative Speed

  • The Wanderers Orrery demonstrates the correct relative speed of all nine planets (yes, we do include Pluto). Correct relative speed means the ratio of each planet's orbital time to one another is the same ratio as in real time planetary movement. Mercury orbits 1028 times around the Sun for a single orbit of Pluto, just as it is in our solar system. The model, however, speeds up the orbital times, so that actual movement can be discerned (e.g., it takes Earth a few moments to do an annual orbit, as opposed to taking 365 days).
  • Planets and Sun are semi-precious stone with an orange calcite Sun, or a solid brass Sun with hematite planets.
  • Styles include a minimalist model without moons, the Wanderers original with 28 static moons and a deluxe Wanderers with a compound Earth/Moon system. 
  • The natural subtleties of different hardwoods, semi-precious stone planets, moons and an orange calcite Sun ensure each orrery is artistically unique.

Hardwood Base

  • The orrery sits upon a 12-sided hardwood handcrafted base of solid natural oak, red mahogany or dark walnut. The base receives and contains the hidden drive motor of the gearwork. Custom hardwood bases available upon request. Please inquire for pricing. Note we do not work in rare or non-sustainable woods.

Gearworks and operation

  • The solid brass gear mechanism is fully visible and sits beneath a glass dome.
  • 3 C batteries (included) operates the mechanism with an on/off switch.


  • The orrery stands 18" high with a 20" orbital span (i.e. when operating, Pluto will encircle a 20" orbit).
  • Easy assembly takes merely 5-10 minutes.
  • Owner's manual and warranty included.
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