Copyright infringement of orrery images and impostor sites.

Our photography used on imposter sites.

In mid 2021 we began finding sites on Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba and other websites that had appropriated the beautiful photographic images of our orrery. Primarily the images were of the Tower Orrery we had launched about 4 years ago, but several images included the Grand Orrery.

Being of limited means, we attempted by ourselves to serve DMCA take down and copyright infringement notices to the sites and sales channels who hosted these sellers.  Needless to say, it was a game of whack-a-mole, as soon as one was gone another popped up in its place. 
Utterly discouraged, we re-designed the Tower Orrery in hopes to distinguish ourselves from this scam. We've recently hired a professional service to help manage our brand and this proliferation of impostor products..
Below you will see what these sellers are actually sending compared to our newest Tower design. If you see the images being used to sell a product under $100, know that these sellers are a scam and they will send the 'trinket' not anything resembling our photography. 


Impostor trinket

This shows the original "trinket" next to our new Tower. That trinket is what is sent to buyers from the fraudulent sellers who stole our images. In 2022, sellers created a "second generation" trinket.

Image of our original Tower Orrery 

This image is the most often used, with some variations, in the fraudulent seller's descriptions of their product.

Tower Orrery Original

This was another photograph that was fraudulently used to sell on impostor sites.

Photography of our semi-precious stone planet set.

This image also appears on some of the impostor sites.


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