The Wanderers Orrery

Every orrery begins with our wanderers mechanism, perfected over 27 years of experience to create the signature smooth, precision motion of our orreries.

  • Classic


    An elegant, minimalist presentation, with the wanderers mechanism exposed under a glass dome upon a 12-sided wooden base.


    shown with deluxe stone planet set and walnut woodwork.

  • Grand


    Inspired by orreries of antiquity. Featuring a wide cabinet-style enclosure with brass fixtures, above which a half armillary rests atop an engraved brass calendar ring.


    shown with deluxe brass planet set (custom) and walnut woodwork

  • Tower


    Wanderers mechanism and planets enclosed within a full armillary sphere, encircled with engraved calendar and constellation rings, resting atop a 12 sided wooden base featuring the signs of the zodiac in engraved brass.


    shown with deluxe stone planets and walnut woodwork

  • Brass

    Price Included

    The standard presentation used in classical orreries, with solid brass spheres to represent the sun and planets.

  • Semi Precious Stone

    Add $100

    Hand-picked semi-precious stones to represent the variety present in our solar system:

    Orange Calcite Sun, Lapis Mercury. Yellow Tiger Eye Venus. Sodalite Earth, Garnet Mars. Banded Agate Jupiter. Yellow Tiger Eye Saturn. Aventurine Uranus. Turquoise Neptune. Agate Pluto.

  • Deluxe Stone

    Add $350

    Our Deluxe Stone presentation includes all of our hand-picked semi-precious stones, with the addition of the 28 major moons of the solar system, as well as a functional clockwork mechanism depicting the 28 day orbit of Earth's moon.

    Luna - mother of pearl

    other moons - agate

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  • Oak

    Price Included

    grand orrery shown here

  • Walnut

    Add $50

    tower orrery shown here

  • Mahogany

    Add $150

    tower orrery shown here

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Configure your orrery

Configure your orrery

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Customize your clockwork moving planetary orrery model of the solar system to match your style and preference. 

All model variations are composed of brass. semi-precious stone, and solid hardwoods.

Each orrery is a unique work of art and a kinetic installation to add to your home or office that inspires imaginations and kindles the spirit with the artistry of the heavens.  

From our workshop in Boulder, Colorado we make and sell handmade kinetic orrery models--artistic representations of the planets and Sun with correct relative speeds of nine planets in a stunning union of science and art.

Our solid brass and metal clockwork mechanism is composed of the highest quality parts.  We always offer complimentary lifetime service on all our orrery.

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